About the Author

Let me start of by introducing myself; my name is Maria Alejandra Alegria. I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I lived there for almost seven years before moving to Norwalk, Ct, where I have lived for the past thirteen years. Although, I have been in Pennsylvania for most of the last two years while I attend college.

I am studying to become an Elementary/Special Education teacher.  It wasn’t hard to decide that I want to teach. It all started when my sister was born. I was two and a half when I began to teach her about my world. I can’t say about the world, because I was talking to her from a toddler’s point of view. I loved telling her of what I discovered, while she taught me what she discovered. As time went by I naturally cared that with me to the classrooms.

In elementary school I would play teacher. I would sit my teddy bears on the floor in front of a small white board in my room and I would teach them the fun things I had learned in class. Soon enough middle school and high school came around and presentation projects began to be assigned. I loved preparing them, not so much presenting them. Even to this day I get nervous in front of peers, but that does not stop me from getting up there first and giving it my all.

Junior year of high school, I took a physics class in which our final project involved teaching the class a topic in the book which we did not get to cover. I loved being there and having my peers understand the new material I was teaching them. It was there and then that I had no doubt I would love being a teacher.

So here I am creating this blog for my my ED216 class – Teaching Literacy in the 21st Century. I am excited to continue learning how to become a teacher, while staying a student.


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