Spreading Blue

blue flower

Two years after Kira met her father.

Kira finds herself locked away in her room on a rainy afternoon. Sitting by the window with her lamp on, attempting to gain the most light she could continue to work. Hands cramped, dyed and trembling fingers working slowly up along the soft fabric. No longer are reds and oranges creating fires found on the fabric. The last of the fires has been experienced. Building upon building has fallen to ashes. The Council Edifice vanished from society; cots burning everywhere, the Fen and the village the same; no distinction in wealth. Just multiple shades of blues and greens creating a world unfamiliar to the new formed community. Each thread creating the beauty of the stream calmly trickling down alongside the forest green landscape. Hands supporting the foundations for the buildings. Hands guiding one another through darkness.

A knock at the door pulled Kira out from her work trance. “Come in,” Kira said.

“Hi. Busy much?” Thomas asked.

“I’m almost done with the robe. We must do this soon. While it is fresh in their minds or else they will elect a new leader and have it be their way. We cannot let Vandara govern them. DO you know the kind of disaster that would come from that?”

“I am polishing the staff. The details that my hands created are better than I thought I would make. It’s much like my first carving.”

“Yes. My hands have been doing their own thing. I only pick the color and they do the rest. Thank you for coming with me, Thomas.”

“No need to thank me. You have the genes to be a great leader. Look at how many people you have inspired.”

“Yes, but this needs to get done now. Before we lose those we have finally recognize the horrific events happening under the surface.”

“Take a break for lunch. Jo has been asking for you.”

“I will. My stomach is making more noises than I want.”

Thomas and Kira left the room laughing and in search of food.


Upon entering the mess hall, they heard beautiful singing. Jo was surrounded by individuals who appeared to be statues. They were fascinated by the powerful voice that came from such a small creature. Thomas and Kira went to grab their lunch before heading over to Jo who immediately stopped singing and yelled “Kira!” That broke the spell, making everyone else get back to their prior activities.

“I am ready to sing my song,” Jo commented excitedly.

“Great. Make sure you keep it a secret one more day. Tomorrow morning you will be able to sing it to everyone here,” Kira responded.

“Oh, boy. This is very fun”, Jo giggled.

Lunch was over faster than anyone could have imagined. Thomas, Kira and Jo retrieved to their rooms to perfect their gifts for the following day. When night fell, Thomas and Kira went to Jo’s room to read a bed time story. As it was a new tradition the three of them had. Jo seemed to talk about her mom without asking where she went.


 At first light, Kira’s eyes were opened. She sprung from her bed and began to prepare herself. The grand day has finally arrived, Kira thought. She had worked long hours every day to have the robe finished. When Kira was ready she headed towards the Jo’s room.

“Hi Kira,” Jo said. “Can I finally see it?”

“Yes Jo. Today is the day you can finally see it,” replied Kira. “Have you eaten breakfast?”


“Have you taken your bath?”


“Okay, turn around and close your eyes. No peaking.” Kira swiftly laid the rob on Jo’s bed.

“You may turn around now.”

“Kira! It’s very pretty!” Jo exclaimed.

“Can I wear it? Oh please! I promise I will be very careful from now until the party begins.”

“Yes, you can put it on. But first change into the dress you will wear at the ceremony.”

As soon as Jo was finishing putting on the robe, there was a knock at the door. With her small innocent voice Jo asked, “Who?”

“It’s Thomas.”

“Hi Thomas” Jo said after opening the door.

“Wow! Jo that looks great on you. And it’s the perfect length. Great Job Kira,” Thomas said with a smile.

“Don’t I just look cute,” Jo said.

“Yes you do. Ready to go? I have the staff right here.” Thomas lifted his right arm slightly.

“Yes, let us wake forth together.”

Thomas, Kira, and Jo headed out of the room and down the long corridor to the stairs and down another corridor that led to the outside. They paused before the doors to wait for their cue. They were called one by one; Thomas followed by Kira and finally Jo. Each walked across the lifted ground to a chair facing all the members of the community. Jo wearing the elegant robe and holding the oversized staff began to sing her song. The song of the chaos that had stroke and the rebuilding that partook after all the fires. The song had reached its peak, the time in which every member found themselves in, but much to everyone’s surprise it did not stop there. It kept going to explain what was found on the shoulders of the robe and the top of the staff. It was a time in which the old community with the Council of Edifice no longer excited for it had accepted the customs of the community located over yonder. A new and larger community was created on the very soil that they stood on; a community that accepted all individuals – no matter how old, young, weak, or strong, they are. Nor let abnormal appearances make the decision whether the individual was condemned to die without given a chance of proving him/herself.

When the song ended, the trance was still present. Not one single member moved. No tyke cried. All was still. All was silent. Moments passed until a young man of, appearing o be three syllables stood up and applauded. Many followed. Some did not. Vandara walked towards the elevated ground and began screaming, “How can this be? You cannot side with this worthless girl. She was the cause of our homes burning down! She set the Council on fire.”

“Do not call my daughter a worthless girl. She has a gift that is beyond anything you can do. She was not the only one to burn down your village. I, Christopher was a participant,” he spoke.

“So, was I!” Jonahs exclaimed from the audience. Making others speak up about their role in destroying what the Council of Edifice had built.

“Vandara!” said one of the women. “Think about how much freedom we have here. There are no bells telling us when to go to work or when to be home. We all have a say in what should happen with the village.”

While Vandara was distracted with the women, two men came and dragged Vandara of the elevated ground. She struggled the whole time. Christopher spoke once more, “I think Vandara needs to be taken to her cot to think about where she wants to be.”

“Yes,” the crowd replied.

And with that Vandara was assisted to her cot where she remained locked away for the length of two days. Refusing to eat or talk to anyone who came to visit. On the third day she fell ill and died within three days from starvation and a bad immune system. With her gone all the women who once followed her no followed what they wanted to do and what they thought. From the hope that three children provided, world where there was acceptance and opportunities began to prosper.


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