Gathering Blue

blue yarn

Christopher and Matt have taken off to return to the village that lies beyond the trees. A village that is different from the one Kira finds r part of. As much as Kira wanted to leave with her father and potentially meet the boy with the blue eyes Matt told her about Kira has a purpose and goal she must accomplish in her village.

Kira is the threader that will tell the future. Along with Thomas (the carver and Jo (the singer) – the future is in the hands of the three children. A future that Kira has seen in her mind and has felt in her fingers trembling to get out. She is the one to change how her village works. She will be the one to change the attitudes – the closed, brusque attitudes the village holds dear.

No longer will individuals be sent to the Field to die because they are not in the norm. No longer will the weak be discarded because they cannot fend for themselves. The injured will no longer be battling for their lives by themselves. No more.

Today the world has changed. Kira has gained information of a society in which the members care for one another. The strong don’t prey on the weak. The strong help the weak. Together they build a community that is safe and loving.

The community that Christopher is now a member of is welcoming and cares little about the flaws of its members because it is a community that has blue; not just reds, oranges, and yellows. A community with blue, is a community with trust, honesty, reliability, sincere and loyalty. There is no need to draw attention. For it seeks peace and tranquility. It is a community that promotes relaxation – physical and mental.

Kira’s journey for finding the plant to make blue dye was more than what she thought. It was a journey to come to know another world. A better world. She lost her mother and her father had been left to die in the Fields long ago, but survived. He found his way back to Kira at the moment he had to. No sooner, no later. For Kira had been opened to the cruelty her community enforced. She learned that the beasts they battle are internal. They only fear each other. But, she has a plan to change all this to have a community like it should be – balanced between good and evil. Not just deception well hidden.


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